Green Source Fuel


In planning for over two years, the Green Source Fuel and Green Source Organics concept is for a community-involved "green" alt-fuel enterprise for southern New Jersey...the most densely populated US state...where family farms still exist in a desparate struggle to avoid being overrun by the pressures of encroaching development.

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Green Source Fuel's goal is to form symbiotic relationships with our local community and other regional areas, that are often neglected in our fast-paced world, to help our physical environment as well as encourage "green" economies.  

Green Source Fuel intends to be financially and environmentally productive while maintaining a sense of community in an area that is often ignored by, or even  unknown by, many of our northerly or westerly neighbors.    

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Advisory Board

The development of biodiesel has been the work of many people. Green Source Fuel is seeking out noted environmentalists, politicians, scientists, economists and agriculturists to serve on our advisory board.  Contact us if you are interested in membership.